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Originally Posted by Mr. Anime View Post
i have ONE question and u all made me even more excited about it (i didnt read the novels).

this ova seems to be from before shana met yuji (maybe it is not)
so why is she saying things in the end like "that day we seperated" or "lets meet again yuji"
and what is going to be painful to watch? season 2 ended with her meeting yuji at the end, so what happened after that?
can someone send me a private message about it? (just a short summary plz)
Yes this OVA is before Shana met Yuji, and was her Tsundere self.
If you really wanna spoil yourself to that part, then just read the spoiler below.

Spoiler for Spoiler from Novels:

If you have already been answered by someone else, then I'm sorry for the post
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