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Originally Posted by Anh_Minh View Post
I'd argue that seeing how easily distracted he got from a mission critical for the safety of potentially thousands of civilians, his state of mind wasn't anything to brag about.
I'd argue with that too since he came into the fight ready for the worse and not letting it get to his head.

She obviously has issues because she hits people with a wooden stick whenever she gets pissed, which is often. The episode introduced, out of nowhere, issues about her having a suit and letting it go to her head. Of which we have seen nothing. She was, if anything, calmer now that she could stand on an equal footing with her rivals.
This part is really hard to say. I'm sure the animators were trying to make her seem calm and happy because she let it get to her head but the way they did it made it seems she was calmer and did not let it get to her head. I'm going for what they tried to do due to previous episodes.

Standing around to get pelted by attacks.
True but Silver Gospel has incredible speed which even Houki with her speed could not really catch up to it very well. But I can see now why you think he was thinking he was a tank although I still don't believe he thought that way. He was rather overpowered by the speed.

He made the wrong call and acts like Houki's a horrible person for relying on him not to. He thinks it's so important to tell her so he does it in the middle of the fight instead of over the victory beers juice.
I don't think at all he was thinking that Houki's a horrible person. He was worried and yelled at her just like Rin did at the end. Rin was thinking that Houki is a depressing loser. She was worried and tried to get her back to her normal self. About that talk, I don't know what that was but it seems that Ichika did not really say anything and it was this magical NewType thing that made her understood what he wants to say to her. Or it could be some magic dimension which they could talk for like 15 seconds or so without Gospel attacking them. Either way that part was just horrible. It's rather unclear due to the NewType thing.

No, no, it's nice to know it may have made some sort of sense in the novel. I think it could still have been a bad call, but at least it doesn't look so cut and dried.

But anime and novel continuity are different, so I'm judging anime Ichika by anime events.
Yes! That's all I was hoping for. Anime Ichika was badly done. Ichika himself as how he supposed to be is not so bad.
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