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I disagree with you all.
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no no... do you recall episode with Ichika and Charlotte teamwork ^^ they worked side by side and were able to beat houki and laura... one covered back of the other...
Yeah, great. But when it really mattered, against an actual enemy? He hung his partner out to dry.

rin and cecilia couldnt teamwork in their match..... but ealier Rin and Ichika were able to perform teamwork against that unmanned IS... but now well Houki was too exited...
Informed flaw. How was she too excited? What mistake has she made that can be attributed to her excitement? The only one I can see was trusting Ichika. From what was shown, rather than told, it's one instance where Laura's approach to "teamwork" would have been better. Get him out of the way and accept the fact you're fighting alone. But she could hardly be expected to know that in advance. As you've pointed out, in the past, he'd shown he worked well with others.

and Ichika's morals went kinda into way
(still teachers failed to secure the area ;/ and let a fishing ship pass....)
Not that it matters, but that ship was probably in the zone before they learnt about Gospel.

Ichika is well soft.... his ideology is similar to Touma's ^^ think about others before himself....
Ichika's short-sighted. You can't protect others if you're unconscious and sinking in the ocean.

Ichika knew that houki has super IS so she should be fine but those people on ground were on the fire line... I seriously doubt that gospel would get hit like that... so if ich ichika would fail the attack since gospel would dodge it... the fishing ship would be on the line of fire (ichika would be on the lower part and gospel upper sky and he loves to shot beams down ^^ )
So? Low chance, high chance, it doesn't matter. It was the best chance. (Not that I think a Gospel immobilized by Houki would be that hard to hit). And if Gospel somehow dodged, so what? Houki, who kept her mind on the mission, would attack.
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