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Originally Posted by Keroko View Post
I wouldn't put it past Tsuzuki to have Signum curbstomp Thoma (experience fighting a Huck + Thoma no longer being controlled) in order to set up a "you must grow stronger if you want to protect the people you love" story.
Probably, maybe Signum wants Tohma to cash more on his natural talent than the automatic battling powers of the Silver Cross. Still, i doubt Signum will "curbstomp" him, not after Tsuzuki already claimed that Tohma is the strongest character of the new cast. If Signum manage to win, i think it only be after Tohma show a couple of cool flashy moves of his own, we musn't forget that Isis and Lily are also aiding him in battle.

Assuming my previous statement of Lily being superior rein and Agito is only an exaggeration i wonder if Tsuzuki have plans for them, they seem to be motivated during that fight. Did Tsuzuki have planned something for them? A power-up? a new way to use their current powers? I admit it will be nice if Tsuzuki actually think about a way for the little unison sisters to get around their horrid disadvantage and manage to be of some utility on the battlefield again.

Originally Posted by Rising Dragon View Post
Touma's being treated for his infection, so as long as he continues said treatments it shouldn't be much of a problem for the rest of the force.
I wonder if Tohma will now have something of a time or power limit while accesing his uberhaxx mode, something like "using the full power of the book/divider will raise the chances of making your infection unstable again" So Tohma will be limited to use his game breaker powers only as a last resource.

Originally Posted by LostSome View Post
Lily is the one that is keeping his infection down and he had to have her at his side at all time. Not exactly a cure...
I don`t think I would be playing with his infection since the fight between the infected have shown, the more you`re infected, the stronger you are.
Probably but maybe Lily is councsious about the consequences of abusing the viral powers, the virus description says that no matter how powerfull they are, Eclipse Drivers always meet an untimely violent death. an infected person can releiev the symptoms of the disease by killing and cutting loose periodically but that's not a cure, the virus is still working in their bodies, what if the virus become more progressively exigent with the amont of violence and madness released when time passes? It probably reach a point when the host's body can take the sudden outburst anymore and finally surrenders to the final fate of an Eclipse Infected. that also could explain the desperate attempts of the Huckebein to find a real way to control the virus as also their distrust of the TSAB's methods due to them considering those "inefficient".

Originally Posted by Keroko View Post
He's not exactly sick with a disease that forces him on the bed. But he has taken upon himself the responsibility of protecting people, a sentiment Signum can understand perfectly, and is a very common jumping board for the "you must become stronger" cliche.
Yup, sounds pretty plausible.
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