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Originally Posted by 00-Raiser View Post
Oh hey gaiz, guess what?

Spoiler for 20:
A draw, like every other mock battle in the series ...surprise, surprise xDU

LOL! well, the formation makes sense, Rein and Lily perform Unison while Agito and Isis give support firepower(Agito's powers can't do a thing to Tohma but are perfectly able to work on Isis). Shame we weren't able to see the interaction between Signum and the kids, it really amuses me how they will interact or if at least Lily remembers who Signum and Agito are but hey! It's Vivio!

Tohma + Lily + bed! And you guys told me there are no hints between them xD

I wonder if Curren really have a direct connection with Tohma through their Eclipse powers, like Luke Skywalker and Darth Vader who sometimes are able to communicate or share toughts throught "The Force".

Curren: Come to the dark side! We can rule togheter as sister and brother!

Looks like we finally gonna met the true Big Bad or at least the True Big Bad's Dragon.
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