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Well I enjoyed the episode but the pacing really upsets me at the same time, so mixed feelings here.

I will say that for some reason Morg had much more personality in this episode than last episode. She's better when she has good characters to bounce off of.

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Every Weeks I always see a lot of guys who have read the manga complaining about the adaptation and it pisses me off.
Source material readers tend to be a whiny bunch, but I think in this case it is wholly justified. I am quite shocked how fast this episode was myself. We barely had time to feel out the new cast members, then at blinding speed we're jumping to this new conflict already. It is going WAAAAAAY too fast.

I would have preferred if the material was better paced and I am not a reader of the manga. This anime is just encouraging me to read the manga instead.

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Anyway Magi is without a doubt the shonen of the year!
As a Hunter x Hunter fan, I emphatically disagree .

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It's hilarious when you see stuff like To Love Ru (original series) get single chapters padded out to fill an entire episode yet the best shonen manga since FMA has to go through 5-6 chapters per episode.
Well it's been a good commercial for the manga for me...

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The animation also wouldn't have been as consistently good as it is so I think it's just a necessary compromise to cover enough material in 25 episodes. I'd imagine they want to do more than just one major arc in this anime..I'll admit as an anime only viewer it would feel weird to me if they stayed in Balbad for the rest of the season.
Not sure this is a good argument. Hunter x Hunter is much longer as a shonen anime so far and it has fantastic visuals, at times just clearly blowing away anything magi's done so far out of the water.
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