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Originally Posted by Fran~ View Post
I'm not talking about this episode, Ichigo is lame in his construction (Kubo's failure) as a shounen hero.

I follow the manga, so i'm speaking about everything, not only this episode. If he saw Urahara, Yoruichi and Isshin defeated by Ai-chan, that doesn't mean anything, then he is mindf*cked by Gin's words and he does nothing, he is fighting there without realizing that his sisters and friends are in danger?... so... what the hell Kubo?... i posted this when i read these chapters and i repeat it again.

About Gin's words and Isshin's training, i will save it for the next episodes...

Luckily i don't read/watch Bleach for Ichigo... Gin took the words from my mouth.

i thought that ichigo's reaction was realistic. if you were placed in a situation that you think is hopeless, when the people you think stronger than you are defeated, would you still have the courage to fight? i think not. unlike naruto who never seems to run out of positiveness, ichigo does get depressed, he worries, he gets scared to the point that he's pissing on his pants. i don't call that cowardice, that's how people react when they are pushed to their limits. but ichigo does snap out of it when somebody knocks some sense into him, something that we can relate to as well when our friends or loved ones remind us of what is truly important.

one of the things that pisses me off with most shounen heroes is their seeming fearlessness. most people are not fearless, we do get scared, we get discouraged, we lose faith in ourselves and in other people sometimes. are you fearless? are you so positive all the time that even when you're up against a monstrous enemy you won't cower in fear and still believe that you would win? that's what i like about ichigo you know. he's not like most shounen heroes. except for his lack of interest in girls, i'd say he's one of the most realistic shounen characters in terms of personality.
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