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This thread is made to discuss Naruto's different (future) jinshuriki forms. In a current bijju form (Naruto and Kuruma working togerther), what are his powers. Would his current form protect him from tsukoyomi? From little info we got about the SOTSP about Bijju all becoming one again. We can conclude Naruto will get all Bijju in the future. So what's that going to be like. Things like that...

Originally Posted by Ero-Senn1n View Post
So what's the question?
I would have thought it's self explanatory. To discuss Naruto's current (and futures) bijju forms .

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No clue what the question is, but talking about ichigo's "perfect form" followed by a smiley face was, um...weird?
The post was posted in 'Request Thread' at the same time Ichigo got his new power up. But the thread has only now been approved by the mods. That'ss why the info about Naruto and Kuruma working together is not included in the first post. And I only compared Naruto to Ichigo because they got power ups at the same time.

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You know a post makes no sense when it turns into a discussion about a different manga
And how did you come to this conclusion? Because this post of yours makes no sense to me.
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