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I didn't see Tomoe as 'raping' Shizuru although it went the fine line a bit - I hope this all doesn't end up making Shizuru look dubious, as a translation makes it more clear that Shizuru is not at all interested in Tomoe and seems to be fuelled by her own (misguided and unclear?) attempt at protecting Natsuki. Or she just taking Tomoe on her own manipulation.

A shoujo-ai scene based off lies *sighs*

It has rattled some ShizuruxNatsuki fans, I've gone through several different reactions to it - but then I think we all knew something would come to pass concerning Tomoe. This event does not legitmally challenge ShizuruxNatsuki, if anything it probably increases the chance - Sunrise has openly shown the links between all three, and I doubt this would all happen without a more favourable resolution.

As much as I think Tomoe is a hot evil thing, I really hope it doesn't go any further than what we saw, but we'll have to wait and see.

The flashback to chibi-Nina was interesting although I'll need a full sub to appreciate all the info - interesting to see a capsule/basket in the room during that scene, exactly like the one in ep 1. But we all knew that development was going to come, at least it makes sense. Haruka was delightfully mean to a cute Natsuki, and I was happy to see more Midori and Chie.

But seeing Mikoto at the end probably clinched it. Awesome.

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