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-ariki proclaimed that she is rena daughter/for now only the gem had proven it but....
-mashiro saw midori being a greate leader and was inspired by her, so she is now dealing wif her self-exmaine who is she??..*i really hope she is the qeen though...
-nani flashback, was that really nani capsule?? or was sunrise trying to decieve us and give us a ride of merry-go-round..
- in nani flashback,didnt segei investigate that area a biittt more, or he is just a typical soldier man just know using violence at that point of time.
- and in nani flashback again, 3 bandit and 4 kids(include nani) wat i saw was 1 rifle and 1 pristol which nani was holding the pristol...didnt the bandit wan to tackle back or something..rather than panicking like the 3 kids..
- the capule carried 2 things, the baby and the where is the gem??i doubt that the gem was stolen(thief is the granny) and pass it to arika..(i hope not..)
- did nagi knew that nani has some connection wif the haronium? so as to activate it..?? as for nani position she didnt know anything about that but she felt something for it as though she seen it before , this is one of the line she spoke"i felt i had seen this before"
- the mikoto in the haronium, izzit neko transform or was it the "real" mikoto and the neko mikoto was named by mai and given to her but she was seized inside the haronium...-_-
-now mai, where are u dude?latecomer
-natsuki....i pity u, MH shizuru went this time ur turns now? if so plz kill tomoe...sunrise definately wont be that insane to put shizuruXtomoe, as they knew and they SHOULD know that many ppl/fan/otaku watch MH and than MO IS becasue of i doubt that they will try to ruin everything..from wat i had seem its becasue tomoe lied to shizuru, she didnt wan to hurt both her student and plotting something out....rewatched the esp again, now here's a main point :shizuru knew it is coming so she move back her leg a little, she shown no emotion towards tomoe and i highly think that at that time she was thinking of natsuki..and natsuki did felt something. and might be she didnt wan to reject tomoe is because if wat tomoe told is true about natsuki being locked up somewhere in gardorode, and at that point of time if she knock out tomoe and run away, she might not get any info for where is nat and nat might be in a more danger situation.So she needed to manipulate tomoe..maybe after the kissing part she stopped wat tomoe was doing

btw from preview of 21, seems that arika and mashiro contract are being official, time to kick some butts at gardorode XD!!

this esp left too much confusion...

:::: nat/shizu fan...
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