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Originally Posted by Six View Post
Haruhi needs to get burned to death ... completely overrated garbage.
Agreed with you there. After watching around seven episodes, I felt like I was in hell and I had to sing "Ten Thousand Fists" by Disturbed to get myself together. I swear, hand me a 12 gauge; you throw the CDs, I'll blast them! No offense to Haruhists.

Originally Posted by Stephanie View Post
Yu Yu Hakusho the movie and Ranma's 2 movies were crap compared to their anime series.
I'll agree with the Ranma movies, but with YuYu Hakusho the movie, well no one's forcing you anyway, not even me. But in a way, yeah.

Originally Posted by Ewoud View Post
Shakugan no Shana. Shana's persona isn't what I'd expected, and I dislike it; this reason amongst others.
Though I actually read the first volume of the manga instead of a few episodes of the anime, this is the only thing of the sort that I dislike in any way.
Looks like you and I are in the same page. I have a supreme hatred for tsunderes.

Anyways, here's my list:

Fate Stay/Night - well sort of, not entirely.
Gundam X
Tenjou Tenge
Ikki Tousen
Ginban Kaleidoscope
Love Hina
Candidate for Goddess
Gundam Seed Destiny - I can't believe it's a cleavered version of the UC!
Grander Musashi - what the heck does fishing have to do with legends?!
Power Stone - only play the game folks.
Ninku - even worse than Naruto
Blood: The Last Vampire - fell asleep when the dull parts came.
My HiME / My Otome
Lucky Star

There are others but I just don't remember them. I usually have a remedy for stuff like this:
"I'll Kill You" by X Japan.

Be advised, the above are only the opinions of LastRaven.

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