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Originally Posted by siya View Post
I found Blood: The Last Vampire to be a bad one.....It was pretty boring to me...
Damn straight man! I regret buying the CD; after 40 mins, it became dull like hell!

Originally Posted by X10A_Freedom View Post
Casting aside personal preferences...

Gundam Seed Destiny. A disaster production and story-wise.

(Of course, I can throw in everything I don't like watching such as Haruhi, Lucky Star, Bleach, Naruto in the list but I understand that they are actually fairly well made for a certain fanbase which I'm not part of.)
GSD for me is a complete failure. Of all the Gundam series, GSD was the worst; I mean why would you throw precious UC stuff? The only thing I enjoyed in GSD was the OPs, then I change the channel afterwards. Now for the rest, yeah I'm with you there. I can't say their bad, its just that they can get annoying and that ticks me off big time.
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