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It was a fun episode, indeed. As for Hinagiku blowing everyone away in the poll votes with more than twice the number of votes as the second play person, it just goes to show how insanely popular she is compared to anyone else in the show.

I totally understand why the author would focus on a Hinagiku ending with the story. She would have a riot on her hands otherwise.

Maria is just never developed enough in the romance department to be a true contender, no matter how much I love her character.

The thing that surprised me is that Nagi came in third. From what I sense from the forum posters, I would have thought she would have been much lower in ranking. I guess being the main heroine does gain so points.

This was a nice, fun episode. Izumi is fun to show once in a while, but I really can't see how they can develop her character anymore or create a long arc focus on her. She does not have room to expand her storyline.

As for the Hinagiku ending, I wouldn't mind another one, and I am sure many in Japan wouldn't mind either.
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