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Originally Posted by Freakman
I'll let Sushi do his rant about how they slaughtered the game again, because I've grown seriously tired of playing the "spot the differences" game, although I can understand where most complains are coming from.
It's not as if I like to do that, but I suppose it's clear enough that there's always going to be a few things that's just "off" with each episode.

In this episode it was:
There were a few other spots that kind of made me go "what the...", but nobody probably cares even if I explained, so I'll leave them.

I must commend the staff for the kejime scene in this episode though:

Also, although short, there were monologues by Shion in this episode. If only they could use them for more than just narration though... (Kyon can narrate and think at the same time, why can't Shion? ^^; )

Looks like next episode is going to be the turning point in the chapter, hmm... There are some great confrontations left in the chapter, I'm looking forward to them.

Originally Posted by Rasuberi
Aha... I found Shion's "shocked" faces to be weirdest. Can pupils get that small normally?
She also have tear-glands that work like water-taps. ^^;
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