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kejime (distinction?) scene
I don't know if there is a clean translation for Kejime in English. Kejime I guess roughly translates to Distinction, but is often used in the way Higurashi shows it... (well, not always to that extreme). To make the distinction between what's forgivable or not... to make the distinction of one's resolve... usually in anime/movies/tv/manga that involves a sadistic party this distinction is made by a difficult and usually painful condition set by the opposing party. If Shion didn't complete that task there then she is seen to be unable to make the distinction for her uncle's and Kasai's fate...

that's the best way I think I can explain that...


Overall, I think I like the episode... there's a few things that caught me off-guard but nothing really crucial (I'm guessing the way they did the telephone call the short epilogue will be cut - not really important since there's no Minagoroshi). The two things that struck me was first the audience for the Kejime...

I imganined Oryou sitting in like a throne waiting for the victim like a game evil overlord would with the Kejime device right by her hands so she can get a VIP look. The audience was much smaller than I thought too... oh well, that was just my imagination.

Second is the 次期頭首 Mion's voice and demeanor... whoa~ that's scary. Much scarier than what I imagined in the game. Although it was quite amusing to hear Satsuki-san go Cold Demon for one line, pleaing tearful girl the next and back again. She must of had fun

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