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Ayu's okay . . . but her over remixing-ness annoys me. A lot. I mean, I go and buy the Inu-Yasha Theme Song Collection CD (the first one that has everything through Owaranai Yume) and like, half of it is remixes of Dearest!!!! Granted, I don't mind the song (I sing it whenever I go karaokeing with my boyfriend) but it's waaaaaaaaaaaaaaay too many versions of one song! You can only listen to it so many times before the tune gets annoying! And in my opinion, BoA is better, even better than Utada Hikaru. Somehow, I don't really like her [Utada Hikaru's] voice. Amuro Namie's good, too; I'd probably rank her higher than Ayu as well. Although I don't think she's quite as good as Every Little Thing.

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P.S.: LiQuid|J, isn't Mikuni Shimokawa the one who sang the OP/ED for FMP and FMP Fumoffu?
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