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Originally Posted by Bullsquat
Japan entertainment industry hit hard by the Korean craze? Where did u hear that? I've never heard of anything popular coming out of Korea. As far as I know and I've read the New York Times on this, the Japanese entertainment industry is the second most popular in the world.

Although I do know about a Korean horror movie called two sisters or something.
I don't know much of the details, but somehow it happened. More like Asia being hit with the Korean craze, including Japan. Legions of overseas fans just came out of nowhere to embrace their new found Korean idols.

Korean movies like Joint Security Area, Friends, My Sassy Girl; Korean albums from H.O.T, Shinhwa and of course BoA; Korean drama serial like Autumn in My Heart, All about Eve, Winter Sonata... the craze was everywhere. HongKong film So Close had one of Korea's A-list Actor as a supporting actor and there were joint venture movies between Japan and Korea like Go and 2009: Lost Memories. You know, the main market for Japanese entertainment is still Japan itself. Outside of Japan, J-anything was just not hip anymore.

Let's not foget that Korea co-hosted the 2002 World Cup and came in fourth in the tournament. While people are contesting whether they got that far because they were the host, it doesn't stop newly self-proclaimed female soccer fans from screaming over Ahn Jung-hwan, Korea's very own soccer Beckham (Yes, Ahn has a beautiful wife too). Hell, more people were visting Korea after the World Cup and after seeing the beautiful sceneries in shows particularly Winter Sonata.
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