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Not sure about the reports, but what you say make sense then, the Korean wave might be having its little party in Asia but elsewhere they could be still obscured. Well I know the British were into Bollywood some time back with Curve it like Beckham and The Guru. Americans were more into Jap culture with recent movies like Last Samurai, Lost in Translations and of course the anime we are watching.

I live in Asia, that could be why I felt the direct heat from Korea. You could say that the craze has died off a little but IMO the Korean heatwave would be here to stay. For awhile, there were even no J-dorama showing on my local TV station. All of them were replaced with Korean drama. The fact is, its cheaper to acquire licenses for Korean shows and broadcasters were just happy to swim along with the wave.

Anyway, I watch some Korean drama/movies, admire some Korean actresses, like some Korean ballads. But hey that's all. Don't mistaken, I'm not a Korean culture geek. I was actually pretty sad when I couldn't see Jap drama on TV. Well things now are slightly better, but Japan will have to share the limelight with Korea from now on. :

Btw, my avatar is a Taiwanese actress and yeah I like her cause she's cute.
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