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Originally Posted by Dragon Flame
Sharingan vs Byakugan lets take a look at this, Sharingan CAN NOT copy bloodline limits, the Hyuuga almost ONLY use their bloodline limit to fight, Sharingan is only used in this fight to help predict moves, which brings us to speed..

Speed, Neji has been beating up on Rock Lee forever, and is not surprised at all by Lee's speed without the weights, which points us in the direction that Neji has beaten Lee without his weights, Sasuke is ALMOST as fast as Lee without the weights, thus making him too slow to break past Nejis defense

Close combat, Sasuke goes in for the Chidori, gets blasted away and injured by the Kaiten, hes down and hurt, Neji comes flying in at top speed as Sasuke is trying to get up, hes paddled endlessly by the 64 Hands, Sasukes chakra holes are now closed, hes FUCKED at this point, no fire jutsu, no sharingan, no chidori, no special 9 tailed fox to open his pores, now hes Neji's punching bag, fight over, lets compare long range tho anyway...

Long Range, the only chance Sasuke has at beating Neji, Sasuke only has his fire jutsu to use at long range, which are then blasted away by the Kaiten anyway
Not really. It only points us int he direction, but c'mon, how many reactions has Neji had during that time? Only one, where Neji's face is dead serious. Just because he doesn't have a reaction, that doesn't mean anything.

The deciding factors are Sasuke's speed and his moves. We're uncertain whether Neji can match Sasuke's speed but supposing he can't, and Neji using the Kaiten. How many more times can he do that? And unlike Naruto, Sasuke isn't quick to charge into an unknown situation. He ha sa smart mind, he'd fall back and regroup.

I don't know about Neji, but he doesn't seem to be all THAT great with strategy. Sasuke seems to have a good natural sense of what to do and create traps.
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