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Having now finished the series, I agree with your assessment that it was aimed at a younger audience. The way the past two series pushed Akane to the brink so that she could persevere was not in this series. We got kind of close with Kei and his wife, but that's about it.

In the end, the series really did fail at showcasing anyone but Arata and Kei. Asuzawa (or was it Azusawa, I can't recall) got a lot of screen time, but we didn't really get shown much of his actual character. He just wanted to be Sybil, somehow discerned what Sybil was, and still didn't count as a criminal. Back in season 1, even just thinking something like that would've made someone a criminal. Hell, Saiga became a criminal just for helping psycho-analyze Makishima for Kougami.

The movie did a better job with pacing than the series (clearly it's just the last 3 episodes though, and not a real sequel), but it still sucked at explaining things. It left a ton of loose threads, had way too many coincidences, and of course the BS super powers of a mentalist that all really hurt the season. With the way they ended it, it's definitely allowing for another season, but with where things are left, I don't know how they'd be able to pull off a satisfactory season. The only thing left seems to be having Sybil reveal itself and deal with the aftermath of that, but I'm not sure how that'd make for anything more than an interesting OVA.

For viewing purposes, I feel like if you wanted to go beyond the first season, the best path is to just do:
Season 1 -> Movie -> Kougami OVA/Mini Movie -> Season 3

There's a prequel manga focused on Kougami as an Inspector that's also pretty good. The only thing I think this viewing leaves out is the Pathfinders, unless they were in the movie/3rd OVA and I just forgot about them.


Thinking about it, they never even addressed what actually happened to Arata's dad, Kei's brother, or why Akane was imprisoned, did they? The closest we got was Akane being called the "killer ex-Inspector" at one point, I think?

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