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Johnny Dy
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Setting aside the reasons why someone would vote red, what baffles me is the numbers! I think it's incredible that so many have come to vote. My only explanation is they hate the hate for Trump itself and want to avenge it. However stupid that might sound. I dunno why else even more would come to vote for such a bastard than 4 years ago. It's beyond reason. Good thing they will still lose.

If you'd have told me that Trump will receive more votes in 2020 than 2016, I would have said you're either crazy, or that he runs against Hitler! Just insane.
Crime and punishment, an age old dilemma. Man has long sought a solution to societies ills. But at what point does the punishment itself... become a crime?

Sometimes it is an easy thing for a man to cry out for retribution, until he himself has walked in the foot steppes of those suffering the penalty.
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