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I guess it's too late to tell them that what those democrats did is more towards the republican way of doing things. So the remnants of those wars are still felt even today. If I were you, I'd ask them head on: do you really think it's more likely to start a war today because of democrats more than republicans? It's nonsensical, because from what I know, republicans dogma yearns lack of tolerance that start conflicts, not democrats one. Or maybe I don't understand shit and absolutely nothing about the way it's written on paper.

Even if true, not todays democrats fault that the ones almost a century ago did not respect their ideology. Although the problem of the WWW II is more complex than just tolerance or than Vietnam. If USA would have stayed out, today Hitler Empire would have been a high probability. They honestly vote for such an empire to have existed? It's a very complex discussion. Wars definitely are bad, but so is slavery and genocide without putting a fight back. It's practically choosing between 2 evils, I think the democrats of those time chose the lesser one even if they did not the fighting. The democrats simply looked 20 years into the future, Hitler Empire would have gotten stronger and destroyed America, (not to mention Japan who were some crazy fucks in those times wanting an empire of their own) if they wouldn't have acted then. Thanks God republicans weren't in power then if they'd chosen not to participate in the war.

But those are times long gone, today we got different problems. Germany is one of the best countries one an hope for, in almost any human domain, especially the mentality. I think they might be the best in the world in that regard. Boy, did they learn their lesson! LOL

OT: Now it looks a bit like GA will change for Bidden before PA. Weird.
Crime and punishment, an age old dilemma. Man has long sought a solution to societies ills. But at what point does the punishment itself... become a crime?

Sometimes it is an easy thing for a man to cry out for retribution, until he himself has walked in the foot steppes of those suffering the penalty.
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