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See username, this is my first post here because it's the best resource I found whilst googling. I'm trying to learn to read Japanese, and I'd love to get my hands on some Japanese manga to help immerse myself. My usual site for ordering from Japan so far has been (/eng), and only because of their great navigation and Gundam model selection. They only sell erotic manga as far as I can tell, which is where my problem lies.

Specifically, one manga I'd really love to get is (Kureyon/Crayon) Shin-chan. Mostly, I find the comics hilarious and from what I've seen they have the small kana for aiding people who haven't picked up their kanji yet. When I search though, all I can find is something that translates to "Shin-Chan the Little Horror". Hope the link works.

What the heck is this product? Also, on 90% of the sites I've checked, they might even picture the Japanese version of the manga but they're really selling the American translation when I check reviews. Does anyone have any suggestions for stores or ways to ensure I'm getting the Japanese version (aside from writing and requesting, which I could do as a last resort)?
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