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Originally Posted by vfxArt View Post
Dropping the 'first post' Hello in. I can't beat 70+ anime in 8 months (yep, wow) and am not sure I've watched more than 70 since I started (well, when I could first discern anime from Saturday AM here in the US) in '79 with Uchuu Senkan Yamato.

Aside from being a fan, working in animation, and working ground level for what would become AnimeCon '91, have just been happy to keep up with some level of anime for a long time... always get drawn back. :-)

Anyway, hi all.
Originally Posted by JNoon View Post
Joining a bit late. Been a long time downloader from the torrent site and just realized that this site had a forum :S

I'll probably be lurking around to see what people think of certain anime series, deciding if I want to watch them or not.

Nice to be apart of the community!
Originally Posted by juliet moliet View Post
helllooo!!! by God i'll be honest this site is quite complicated!!! T.T not used 2 it but i'll be! anywho am new here so plz take care of me!!
Hey guys! Welcome to the forums!
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