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Well, you did ask me to use logic in a debate. Considering that a goddess is at the mercy of her attacker after she has been defeated and that she married her attacker shortly after, logic deduces that the marriage must have been forced.Either way, this is irrelevant. All I was trying to say earlier is that just because Perseus is one of the 'heroes', this does not mean that he would not do something as dishonourable as rape Liliana. I didn't pick up any suggestions about him planning to rape Liliana after killing Godou when I first read the novel. Therefore, I don't think he would rape Lili. All I was trying to say earlier is that when you suggested to the other user that Perseus wouldn't rape anyone just because he's a hero is just flawed. That's all.I did think, however, that he did rape Andromade.
Actually, this raises a question I've been wondering about. Was Perseus a real person, and if so, by defeating Medusa/Athena and Andromeda/Tiamet, was he a Campione?

And if he wasn't a real person, do the events happening in myths and legends count as "real"? I'm not really clear on whether the Gods always exist, just in another realm, or they are just imaginary figures that have the nasty habit of spontaneously erupting from the collective human imagination into reality. Or is there no real difference?

Anyway, back to the rape thing, even if was "unwilling", if the Gods aren't really "real", then can you actually say that something that happened in the stories actually happened? So if Perseus never existed, then he really couldn't have raped Andromeda, as it never actually happened.

My apologies if I'm not being clear.
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