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Fan-girl detected! Well, would you willingly marry someone who beat the crap out of you and basically steals your money?I think this is a good enough analogy in real life.

I don't know if Perseus was really a person. No one can tell you that. Heretic gods can be created by pure imaginations. As for whether Perseus was a Campione? Nope. He's not, because he was Mithra, the Persian Sun God prior to him becoming known as Perseus.
Perseus and Mithra fused under Roman rule, remember? So Perseus and Mithra were originally two separate beings(real or imaginary) that ended up being fused together into one.

So it would depend on whether the original myth of Perseus was simply a fabricated story, or a reflection of real events. I was wondering, if the legend of Perseus was rooted in a historical event, would the real/original Perseus have been a Campione?
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