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I think it's a valid question, though "demi-god" needs to be clarified first.

As far as we know, Heretic Gods don't bear children with humans, so there aren't any demi-god offspring born from such a union. Subordinate gods like Ama no Murakumo no Tsurugi are not human to begin with, while Ena in divine possession could be considered in a semi-divine state but she's still human.

So actual demi-gods becoming Campiones is a non-issue, but it doesn't rule out characters known as demi-gods in legend from being actual Campiones in history.

It's entirely plausible for an ancient Campione to slay multiple gods and gain their authorities, thereby engendering new legends of a god-like being with elements from his progenitors. That could be one way for seemingly disparate deities to suddenly get associated with one another.
Huh, that last point is something I didn't think about, but it would make sense. How deep does this rabbit hole go~?

As for Demi-gods, it appears that Hime-Miko are descendants of Divine Ancestors, so it certainly doesn't rule out the possibility of Heretic Gods having children with humans. Though they would probably be sexual deviants or view it as using a toy.

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