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Originally Posted by Mr. Johnny 5 View Post
Well... time for me to step in... it was somewhat expected and yet unexpected aswell.
That is untill the death god showed up... with the sacrifice story i thought Orochimaru would just die using it. But ohwell.... the risks of fighting... the risks of kinjutsu have been greatly modified after Rock Lee was saved by a miracle operation with Tsunade as the doctor.

These Hokages should just both sense and tell the story..(we all wanna hear) then leave to go to the battlefield to help out the others. Because honestly... just even with his eternal MS, Orochimaru gone for a full year or longer... how are they gonna be stronger right now then Naruto, Bee, Obito or Madara?

With the Juubi soon gone... i truly wonder... how strong Sasuke will have to become to get to such a level. To even reach Madara. Also how can someone that epic be controlled by Orochimaru? (Hashirama) But still... glad to see that his soul is finally freed (Minato).
I don't think Orochimaru is trustworthy. He could easily betray Sasuke right now.

Orochimaru is back to full power now that he has his arms back. He's the one who summoned the four Hokage. Since he absorbed his cells from Kabuto he probably has all of Kabuto's enhanced abilities in addition to his knowledge. So he's probably a Snake Sage right now. He admitted that he still wants Sasuke's young body. I wouldn't be surprised if Sasuke has a rematch with Orochimaru at full power and has to battle the four Hokage in order to do it.

But it's also likely that after the four Hokage give Sasuke the information they seek that Team Sasuke, along with Orochimaru, head to the battle field and makes things interesting. If the Hokage tell Sasuke everything they know I wonder how that will effect Sasuke. How will the knowledge acquired from Minato that the masked ninja orchestrated the attack by the Kyuubi on Leaf Village (vs. the lie Obito told about the Kyuubi doing it on his own) effect Sasuke? How will learning that Naruto is the son of the 4th Hokage effect Sasuke? The 1st Hokage is the one who defeated the real Uchiha Madara so he should have some interesting info to share as well. The 2nd and 3rd Hokage will have direct information on the persecution of the Uchiha and the order to destroy the entire clan, although I don't know what they could tell Sasuke that Itachi hasn't already told him.

This is a very interesting period in the manga because Kishimoto is about to reveal everything to the audience in order to build up to wards the final battle.

Now matter what Sasuke is told I think that he will enter the final battle as Naruto's enemy. He is his rival so it makes sense for that to happen. Sasuke may not side with Obito and Madara but I doubt he will identify with the Leaf Village any more.

Here's an interesting thought.....

What do you guys think that Sasuke will make of the fact that with the Rinnegan he can bring people fully back from the dead? He wants revenge but he also talked about the revival of his clan. Madara intended for Obito to bring him back from the dead. I think the idea of bringing the entire Uchiha clan back including his parents and Itachi is more intriguing to Sasuke than the Infinite Tsukiyomi plan.
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