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Originally Posted by thundrakkon View Post
The thing with Jin and Misaki is that they have always had affection for each other, so there is no friendzone with them. Sorata has never had that type of affection for Nanami, as far as I can tell.
Yes, but neither had Sorata really showed that sort of affection for Shiina up until this point. The interactions he had with Shiina were similar to the ones he had with Nanami, notwithstanding a few immaterial differences due to various quirks. And as I've mentioned earlier, Jin and Misaki have shown stronger romantic interactions than Sorata and Shiina have.

In any case, my post was directed more towards mayid's condescending tone towards Nanami supporters. My argument is that justifications do exist for a Nanami end as well, and that it is reasonable for others to have seen things differently even though the author decided to go for a Shiina end.
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