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Yes, Nanami could have confessed then. However, would Sorata accept her feelings, though? He was under a lot of duress then, and a confession would just really confuse him. Also, Nanami has already noticed it since the Christmas Eve episode. Sorata will always jump right into it whenever it involves Mashiro, without a second thought. At that point, Sorata has already leaned towards Mashiro. I believe Nanami's last real chance to have him consider her was at that Christmas Eve, before Mashiro was brought up. She still had hope after that, but not much of a chance.
At that point, the author probably could have written an acceptance in a reasonable manner, perhaps not immediately, but over a period of time. Sorata had not made an explicit decision by then, and there was indeed room for a shift without having it come from out of left field.

Don't forget, this entire discussion stems from mayid's post, in which he claimed that there was no connection between Sorata and Nanami, and completely put down the views of Nanami supporters. In this regard, what we're looking for is at what point does a Nanami end become so illogical that it is virtually impossible. Before that point, it would be fair game for both sides. To me, this would be last episode.

There are some stories where the end is so clear from the very beginning that only the set of arguments in support of one character is correct, while those supporting any other character are all wrong. An example of this would be Sailor Moon, where the main couple is so obvious from the very beginning that no other end would have been possible. Sakurasou isn't one of those stories.
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