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There are some stories where the end is so clear from the very beginning that only the set of arguments in support of one character is correct, while those supporting any other character are all wrong. An example of this would be Sailor Moon, where the main couple is so obvious from the very beginning that no other end would have been possible. Sakurasou isn't one of those stories.
I do think it has been obvious that the author was always going to let Mashiro win. Simply because of something small that happened in the first episode. When they first met the blossom leafs fell into a heart shape, which made the author intentions pretty clear to me already. Throughout this all I always have seen him treating Aoyama as a friend rather than a romantic interest. Might be just me though as I suppose it comes down to how you interpret their interactions. He always seemed to show more romantic interest in Mashiro. I will grant you that their interactions has been on a similar level, but just not in a similar way.

Back on topic: it was a good episode for me. I especially liked how Sorata his apologies to Mashiro was animated. That scene felt great.
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