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@frivolity go see all the episodes again:

I think you dont understand the anime. Were does Sorata in all the episodes shows love afection for Nanami? give me one example.If you cant then you are just crying about that it didnt end how you wanted it to end. That is another discussion.

Let me enlighten you: some people here are really stubborn:

1. In the first episode when Sorata saw Mashiro he was amazed to see such a girl (he thought she was perfect and didnt know why she came to Sakurasao)
2. In the episodes after he began to understand who she realy is and wanted to do his best also.
3. He became frustrated if he didnt succeed.
4. He became jealous of her talent.
5. The episode at the airport he realy thought she was gonna leave. He realized how he cared for her. Only the most retarded thing the author did is reset the feelings of Sorata after this episode. it was like after that episode everthying began from zero again between Mashiro and Sorata.
6. Sorata keeps going with jealous route.
7. Until the point Mashiro knew she was the one at fault (even if Sorata was the evil one here).
8. Then he realized his mistake and he he knew that it wasnt only jealousy that he had for her.

So now let us see nanami:

1. She was the clasmate first.
2. Didnt life at Sakurasao till later.
3. She loved Sorata but were the F... did we see that he loved her.
4. Sorata is just a helpfull guy and wants to help friends in need. But i didnt saw it like he loved
5. Did Sorata realy showed love afection at Nanami.
6. The only moment was when he went on a date with her but He Rushed at Mashiro (there was a hint).

The problem with this anime is that because Nanami has been showed to much that it was that we thought that he would choose her. You people have not convicied me with proof from all the episodes that Sorata realy had love for her.

And please dont come with but mother said she is the best choise. Because that is just rubish proof.

So i will say it again i havent seen a episode where i could conclude that he was going to choose her. If you realy think he did show me the proof.

Besides i will repeat it again this anime was from the beginning about Mashiro and Sorata. Only i think the author as made a mistake by deliting the whole feelings between them after the airport and it felt like in episode 13 the whole thing between them being close has started from zero. I think he did this for the sake of character devolpment but it was a bit retarded to my point of view.

@frivolity The things that happend have shown that Sorata was moved by Mashiro in all the episodes and that she has changed him. He admited it at the station.

There is your proof of the affection he had for Mashiro. Something like that i didnt see that happening with Nanami. It was more like helping a friend the whole anime in the situations with nanami

But you saw it as a love possibility. But it isnt. I think you have misunderstood the plot here.

So love possibility with Mashiro was more stronger than it was with Nanami for my point of vieuw.

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