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Strong seconds to Space Brothers and Chihayafuru. I'd also recommend as a manga 3-gatsu no Lion which is by the same Mangaka as Honey & Clover. You might enjoy the historical manga Historie about Eumenes the personal secretary of Alexander the Great.

I know you said you weren't interested in things sports/martial arts related but I've got some mangas I have to recommend because they're so so good.
Baby Steps a very realistic take on Tennis, and if it helps the MC was a book-nerd prior to taking up tennis and takes a very analytic approach with pages and pages of notes.
All Rounder Meguru - Normally I really really hate martial arts mangas, but this is one of my all time favorite series. It details in an absurdly realistic way the training and matches involved in Shooto, or Japanese mixed martial arts.
And then anything by Adachi Mitsuru, which would be Cross Game(Baseball), Katsu! (Boxing), Rough(Swimming) and H2(Baseball).
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