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It looks like someone at the company noticed it and changed the wording of the image, it doesn't mention anything about GSG anymore... but it's for real, they're talking about it on 2ch and it's on moonphase and all - plus, it hasn't changed from the .pdf file that you can see here.* (page 14) I took a screenshot of it but I won't put it here just out of respect for their request at the end not to make unauthorised copies/reproductions

The box MakubeX2 mentioned says 'To produce a sequel to this company's hit product, "Gunslinger Girl"'.
The text on the edge of the blue box says something like "this season's work" - work as in the stuff they're going to be busy with this season. So (thankfully for me!) I figure they're still in planning/pre-production stages... I suppose they won't start showing it until next year.

And what the heck, I can't believe this! I don't know how good it'll be - I haven't read the manga and don't want to know what'll happen, but by george this is going to be nostalgic. Yeah, so I'm still a relative newbie, but this is one of the first (I think it was the second after SaiKano) anime I ever watched fansubbed. Gosh, that seems so long ago now.... I think I must have even gone a bit moe over the girls (omgwhat).

Same worry as what some people up there have said though - will this one be as solidly-produced as the first? Even for Emma, which unbeliveably but deservedly got a second season, I come away with a feeling that some of the quality has degraded in the sequel compared to the solidity of the first. I suspect a lot of my appreciation for the show came from its aesthetic properties and then the characters, so hmmm.. I'll probably watch the whole thing unless it gets godawfully bad though.

There's also talk about whether Nanrietta (Yuuka Nanri) is going to step in as Henrietta's voice this time again. I don't keep up on seiyuu news or anything like that for the most part, but it seems that she has pretty much withdrawn from voiceacting.... hm.

*I only briefly flipped through that pdf file and was quite surprised at how they're pushing for more and more commercial success of anime. In particular I noticed how they mention (esp. on the slide concerned) overseas distribution. Though it seems like they're losing money... quite a lot, even... and one of their ways to counter this si through selling overseas (seems to fit with what I hear a bit from here and there) Interesting how they mentioned Russia and India, the Middle East and North Europe in their possible expansion of market, but not South East Asia. Heh.
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