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Originally Posted by meh View Post
Well, the OP has bought the 3000 model which I believe as of now is still hack-proof. But from his posts he mainly wants to use it as a gaming/media device. Which is quite well and good just unhacked.
No, I haven't bought it yet, this thread was for research into what I might need for my PSP. (such as the memory stick; I was unaware that the PSP can't save game save data, so things like that are nice to know before you buy the system) Still making up my mind about it, although I have yet to see any 2k models around (and the ones online I find are all more expensive than the 3k model, bleh), so I might only have the choice of the 3k model.

But yeah, I'm mostly looking into a PSP for the games, especially the JP ones, Kanon, Clannad, Macross Aces, Rockman Dash, ToLoveRu, and a ton of others I saw on Play-Asia, I just can't remember them all off the top of my head, ooh-la-la. The media stuff certainly would be nice, but the 3k model actually isn't so bad by it's specs as it can play both mp4 and avi. (and you can find just about any anime in avi despite its age) It's music playability is pretty large though, including mp3 and wav, which are really the only two types that I ever see or use. (moreso mp3 than wav)

If I see a 2k model, chances are it'll be used, which means cheaper, so I might get that just to save cash to use on other accessories and to save up for games, as it sounds like homebrew will pretty much give the 2k most of what the 3k has over it.
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