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I was just looking at Broadcom's Crystal HD chip, which seems awesome but brings about two rather important questions. Once again, sorry for the hijack, as this is barely relevant but I'm not sure it warrants its own topic.

- Are there any netbooks on the market that have a real spare mini-PCIE slot? Using a USB wifi adapter on a notebook looks... dirty. Conversely, it'd be nice if Broadcom updated CrystalHD with a wifi chip and possibly got it into some existing netbook models. It's easily worth $50-100 price premium (compared to ION's ~$150)
- To anyone who's tried it (synaesthetic?): I've read it can't handle "Killa Sampla" (my vaguely definitive video accel. standard), but is this due to format limitations (macroblocks, doesn't accelerate at all) or performance limitations on the chip? (plays slowly, choppy). 1080p H.264 over XBMC on any OS for an extra $30-50 is pretty sweet any which way you cut it.
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