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Anything that requires soldering in a PCI-E connector is probably more work than it's actually worth (given time spent and all), and like I said, it's not worth it if I have to take out the wireless chip. I'd rather go Linux/ION for the extra scratch. Heck, the only reason I haven't is because there are no ION tablets on the market, let alone tablets under $500. That's part of what makes the Adam so enticing. While it's ARM, the 1080p playback should be on-par with the 9400's.

There are a few Anime releases in 1080p at the moment via Blu-Ray rips, but it's more about having a "future-proof" setup. 2160p is, in all honesty, probably a decade away, given how ridiculous the diminishing returns are on it, especially when it comes to 2D animation (heck, without CG, 1080p itself gets some nasty diminishing returns, especially compared to a good upscale filter). As such, as soon as you have a player that can do any 1080p H.264/VC-1 setup under the sun (including audio codecs and softsubs), you're essentially done.

While the Adam's screen (and the screen of many netbooks) is 600p, the HDMI port works up to 1080p and there's something to be said about being able to arbitrarily hook it up to an HDTV. In a pinch, a house with an HDTV usually has at least one device hooked up via HDMI and you can just use its cable, provided you didn't bring your own for the front port.

Plus, even if the screen can't handle the res, there's a value in not having to ever convert a video again. $50-100 bucks buys you a 2.5" drive in the 320-500GB range that uses up 5-10w of power while plugged in and stores more stuff than you'll probably ever need to have on-hand at any given moment in a rather tiny space. Heck, that's enough for a hi-def week-long anime marathon. A tablet-sized device that can function as an e-Reader and a PMP/STB would nearly be an end-all, especially when you can stuff it in your backpack and use your bluetooth headphones to listen to music with it. The only thing that would clinch it would be using Bluetooth dialing and Bluetooth CID to function as a cell phone extension, tho that might be more novelty than function.

edit note: Apparently retractable HDMI cables suck. They essentially have to be thin, and thin HDMI cables suffer too greatly from interference due to lack of shielding to be useful.

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