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Before declaring the Notion Ink tablet to be the winner, one of us needs to get our hands on it and be sure softsubs actually do work. Since that is a feature usually only fansub-watchers care about, I'd be willing to bet that there isn't a media player for Android that supports them.

And apparently the Tegra's GPU doesn't support VDPAU, so mplayer (assuming Notion Ink does what they said earlier and allows you to change the Linux distro on the device) won't help out very much...

As it stands right now, the HP Mini 311 is still probably the best way to go. It has excellent build quality for an HP consumer product, is the absolute cheapest ION netbook in existence (can be found in the base configuration for less than $400) and has quite a nice screen and keyboard for such a cheap computer.

Pick up a Mini 311-1000NR for about $400, yank out the crappy 160GB hard drive and replace it with a good budget SSD (Kingston's new SSDNow V series all run the same controllers as Intel's X-25M Gen 2, which cost much more). Pick up a 2GB DDR3 SODIMM and pop it in... load up CCCP and Media Player Classic, get DXVA all set up on Windows 7...

Combine all that with a 500GB USB HDDs full of fansubs and you've got yourself a very portable and very capable fansub-ready HTPC for around $600.
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