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You're right, it could very well be the encode. Tho I've had it, in general, macroblock more often than my Radeon 4850 (which, admittedly, doesn't accelerate some of the higher end H.264 clips). CoreAVC in general has some issues with image quality, and my guess is that this isn't entirely disconnected from its ability to play H.264 vids at a much faster speed than most implementations.

Going back to Tegra 2, hopefully we'll have a good idea as to its honest playback limits when the Boxee Box comes out. If it's honestly based on XBMC like Boxee itself is, there's really no reason for it to not at least attempt to play anything thrown at it, putting pure video decoder limitations out in the open. If only it didn't look so atrociously bad and supported regular TV-Out (the Tegra 2 is, in fact, capable of NTSC/PAL; it's listed in the manual).
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