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the way I see it, iPad is like a Wii, it's just all empty hype and it's something that is going to tank in the long run, like what is happening with the Wii right now.
yes, people do tell me "it's going to be like the iPhone". I laugh and say "sorry buddy, not this time". Don't get me wrong, I love my iPhone, but iPad is no iPhone nor it can make the same magic happen.
the main reason is the fact that iPad is just an underpower computer that you can use your finger to do some stuff on that, yet it's more expensive than other computer of the same class.
I rather get that EEE tablet, at least the screen won't get damage when I put it in the bag with my other stuff, plus it's a hell lot cheaper with more to offer... but then again I am still happy with my EEE1000HD that I got a year ago :P

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