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Originally Posted by relentlessflame View Post
I'm not sure why we're to assume there's anything particularly interesting about that sword. They did say that it was a rare boss drop, but other than that I think it's just a random sword of many he's no doubt used so far.
I already mentioned why I assumed it would've or might have been significant. I guess in other words, it's part of the 'default' depiction of the character... at least based on the opening of the anime. Perhaps others wouldn't have really bothered thinking that the sword might be something significant at one point in the story, but personally I expected that it would've at least been somewhat important nonetheless. To me, it was like the 'loaded gun' at the beginning waiting for someone to pull its trigger only to find out that time has already passed on by.

I also have to say that I agree with Pocari Sweat on this. We all know that it takes time to introduce the characters, but at a certain point it's time to address the seriousness of the situation that has been introduced since the beginning in a more forward manner. More focus on the main arc would be a more interesting change of pace right about now.

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