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Originally Posted by SPARTAN 119 View Post
That, and if Lisbeth Salander was trapped in Sword Art Online, she'd probably hack into the game, log everyone out, deduce Kayaba Akihiko's location from his IP address or something, inform the authorities, and end this whole Sword Art Online crisis in all of 15 minutes! (And the bizarre crossover plot bunnies are bouncing around in my head again).
That's a funny theory, but how would someone hack a game from within, where their actions are limited by the system and have no access to a command console?

Originally Posted by Pen3 View Post
I may have mistaken, but isn't Dark Repulsor supposed to have Lizbeths logo on the quillon block or pommel?
Her name was shown in the appraisal window when she checked the sword's stats.

Originally Posted by Kafriel View Post
A few technical questions...Dark Repulser is not registered in the craftbook but still has a +0 next to it, unlike Kirito's previous sword, the Elucidator. Why didn't it have an upgrade rank? I also don't see the point in using his new sword, since his old one had better stats savefor 4 STR. Then there's the material used...Liz said only a craftsman can extract it, but Kirito had already dug it up by the time she was awake.
Well, Lizbeth did say that the rumours mention that a master smith is required...but in the end, it's just rumors, unconfirmed information.

And the truth is...
Spoiler for Novel vs Anime - Omitted Info:

Anyway, a great episode, some information and lines got cut out, but it's still good.

Not sure what the next ep is about though
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