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Well if you want to be absolutely certain that you are reading correct translations you should read BT's (pm me for if you dont know what it is). Though they release quite lately compared to others but their scan quality is good and translations are always from Cnet.

I am personally very strict with correct translations, Oda's story is certainly not easy to translate to english but even few translation errors or even one little error on one word can actually change entire meaning of the chapter, you might be satisfied or pissed after chapter just because one mistake on translations.

FH's translations has been off ALOT for lately and I suggest you to read One Piece with caution when you read it at OM. I suggest that you should read each chapter atleast twice, first when it appears on quick source and again when BT's scan is out.

Oh about Kizaru, it is clear that he cant just 'teleport' around but he rather have to make a path for his light with mirrors and reflect himself to target, though he does this very fast and once path is complete he can move himself with speed of light.

Akainu,Aokiji and Kizaru are real monsters, their fruit powers can make quick work even on strongest of fighters, as long as they are allowed to roam free there will be little hope for the pirates...
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