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@Blackbeard D Kuma
This is war. Having a clear path paved for you to fulfill your duty is nonsensical and unrealistic. You will encounter opposition no matter what. This was my point from the very beginning, and it seems like you've ignored it.
You have to be kidding with that line. I know you can't be serious , the WB pirates are holding back everyone other than grap and sengoku . Hell you have WB hold back tons of strong guys cause they want to kill him plus he stop kizaru. You have boa who knows destroy how many pxs , you have iva and crab chan stopping people from getting near platform. Then vista stop it from getting shoot down. That's not counting croc who just stop mihawk plus NW captains , plus WB commanders who have all 1 order protect luffy .

Is not that marines are not trying to stop luffy is just they can't right now the only ones that can stop him are grap and sengoku cause they only ones not doing nothing until someone else gets free from the battle.
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