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Originally Posted by marvelB View Post
To be fair, I did say "less cheap", instead of "not cheap at all". I never expected the marines to play completely by the rulebooks, but I still kinda wish they took Marco down in a more..... epic manner, y'know? (i.e. without resorting to seastone.) Maybe I am overestimating the first commander a bit, but I think anyone would have pretty high expectations for a phoenix DF user. But.... whatever. I'll drop the subject for now.....
Dont be mistaken. I wasn't attacking you if that's what it seemed.
I thought you were to the fact that he was taken down by a Admiral and a vice-admiral as being cheap, not the seastones.
But I understand you can't help but have high expectations for Marco because he's a phoenix-zoan.
And some of us know about the Phoenix Legend.
But so far Marco is nothing special.
The only thing that's awesome about the fruit shown so far is the immortality part.
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