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I think its mistake to make conclusions about peoples strenghts because of this war. Situation is chaotic at best and fighters are in diffrent positions or might being protecting someone or something.

This is pretty much of an opposite of Bleach war what is more like organized tournament compromising 1vs1,2vs2 fights without serious interventions.

Also One Piece battle is more like rock-paper-scissors style where A->B->C->A.

If Aokiji freezes Jozu but who in turn gets burned by Ace who in turns gets beated by Jozu in fight then its very hard to determine who is really strongest of them.

There is no two identical devil fruits so if one of the combatants is fruit users then strenghts calculations might be quite useless.

Enel is good example, many believe that he should be 'low-tier' and weak but if Enel should appear to this war he would be a tremendous threat to his enemys.

I think Enel is still in top 5 of most threatining fighters seen in series this far.
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