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Originally Posted by Artful Dodger View Post
It may be that they didn't bother taking much caution because they knew they were already subjugated to Oro and Sasuke's will via the edo-tensei, which they already know the properties of full well.
i thought about that, but at the time sasuke showed off his MS, tobirama still believed that he could break out of the edo-tensei. it was only afterward that he tried and failed. so since he thought he could break free from ET, he should have been wary of the MS since that has the potential to put him under an inescapable genjutsu

Originally Posted by Dengar View Post
I did not mean to put words in your mouth. I apologize if I misunderstood you.
no worries

All I'm saying is, I don't see a problem with Tobirama not reacting to it, since Tobirama had no reason to believe that Sasuke would use the eyes to attack right then and there. So that doesn't necessarily hint at an immunity to doujutsu.
he has no reason to think he wouldn't. tobirama was confident he could break out of ET. so i assume he was also confident he could break out of or otherwise beat any MS techniques as well. if he wasn't confident, then he would have acted the slightest bit worried. since he didn't, i would like an explanation as to why. that's all i'm saying.

Concerning the word I bolded there. Sasuke and Tobirama are not enemies right now. They are, in fact, just talking to eachother.
we disagree here big time. anyone who summons a dead soul back to the living world against the person's will with the intent of controlling them is an enemy in my book. especially given the tumultuous history that the senju and uchiha have. sasuke was also clearly with orochimaru who is tobirama's enemy given what happened last time with ET.

Concerning the encounter with Itachi, that was a combat situation, so they had every reason to believe he would use his eyes offensively.
the last time tobirama was summoned with ET it was a combat situation. and i guarantee that this will become a combat situation once sasuke gets his answers. which is another reason he could have used MS on tobirama. to make him say more than he wanted.
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