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I am also interested also in the senju apparent lack of concern for the sharingan be it either gimmick or otherwise...

reading 619 and 620 again, we have the second explaining the "symptom," sharingan, and a bit later shodai calling sasuke a "pure uchiha" which imo meant not yet affected by strong emotion/grief/loss or whatever. then sasuke flashes his sharingan to say yes ive been affected and more so ive become powerful as a result. the senju bros. are unconcerned but why should they be "right now"? while this could turn into a combat situation, sasuke as already interrogated the sandaime (and nidaime) thus showing he is currently not interested in a fight. he wants answers to some pretty heavy just didnt look like he was displaying his eyes in aggression. (to be honest, if sasuke had flashed his EMS id certainly expect somebody in the room to guard up lol...but considering the experience they have with the sharingan, i wouldn't be surprised if they were unphased by it as well).
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