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The last part of my sentence you cut out of your quote was rather important to my point. You keep saying you wonder what the regular Senju has to offer against a regular Uchiha but you do not know the extent of power of any of them.
We've never seen a regular Senju and the only known feat of a regular Uchiha is to be instantly beaten by Itachi when 3 cops went to ask him about Shisui's death and even those were probably above average considering they were Sharingan users in the 1st division.
What I'm saying is that all the abilities you listed from the Uchiha clan aren't from the average Uchiha ninja joe and that you're asking for a particular ability from the Senju when the might of their clan precisely came from the fact that their superhuman physical ability meant they were very good at whatever they chose to specialize
but the thing is that we have only seen 1 senju have godlike powers, whereas we have known that 100s of uchiha have had sharingan, several uchiha have had MS and that izanagi was used so much that an uchiha had to invent izanami to stop its widespread use (which in turn is another godlike power that would work on a strong enemy). so right there we have many uchiha fighting on god-level powers over the course of their history vs. just the 1 anomaly senju in hashirama. i am simply saying that i want to know what the senju can do that isn't just a powerful ninjutsu or a lot of stamina. that doesn't cut it for me. maybe it does for you and others who disagree with my simple questioning, but for me, the senju need something that counteracts the godlike sharingan or their rivalry makes no sense. no need to get your panties in a knot over it

the way i see your line of reasoning: very strong nature ninjutsu + lots of stamina = ninjutsu reflection and copying + MS level genjutsu + eternal black flames + susano'o + the ability to rewrite history + whatever else we still have yet to know about the sharingan's powers which is at least a couple techniques I'm sure

that doesn't add up for me like it does for you and others

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