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Originally Posted by clem-kun
On behalf of Shining Fansubs, I am here to announce that we have decided to drop many of our competitive series. The reason? Many of our staff do not want to have the obligation to do a series regulary, as we have our own social lives, education, and families to attend to. When fansubbing becomes our top priority over all else, something is wrong with the picture. Also, people have been labelling us as 'speedsubbers', a title I particularly dislike because I hate speedsubbers myself. Therefore, we are going to be doing rare series now. That way, we can release episodes as we wish, without it being an obligation. Fansubbing can once again be a hobby. So here are the series we dropped:

1. Mai-HiME
2. Gundam Seed Destiny
3. Windy Tales
4. Sunabouzu

And we have picked up some new series/OVAs that we'll be releasing soon. Stay tuned, and gomen to all those who we have troubled with this news.

- Clem

so you dropped some series, but you also picked some up... has the situation changed?
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